Introduction Of Sony’s Next-Generation 3D Sensors Likely To Boost 3D Camera Market

Posted on: Jan-2019 | By: Pro Market Reasearch | Electrical & Electronic Device

In the recent past, smartphone 3D camera has drawn recognition among the young generation owing to its striking features such as HD clarity, real object sensing, and enhanced performance. The elevated preference for 3D cameras within the entertainment industry along with the improvements in 3D scanning technology has impelled the growth of the 3D camera market. Furthermore, the considerable stipulation for home automation and increase in VR apps is also anticipated to bring up lucrative openings for the market players.

To add more to this, recent reports have speculated Apple to be intending to get more 3D trickery to the future iPhones’ cameras. Particularly, it is mentioned to be interested in Sony’s next-generation 3D sensors that it will be making available this year. Already Sony is providing camera sensors to Google, Apple, Samsung, and so on, however, this generation of camera chips will support the rear as well as front 3D cameras.

That implies the descendants to the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS could sport better depth effects for images, speedier face recognition, and few cool 3D modeling alternatives that would come handy for AR apps. This is certainly anticipated to boost the growth of the 3D camera market in the coming period.

Sony hasn't yet substantiated precisely which firms are lining up to purchase its 3D sensors, however, Apple is among them according to Bloomberg’s report. The report suggests that numerous smartphone manufacturers will implement an analogous 3D camera in the future, and that, in late summer, Sony will begin mass production to fulfill demand. The head of the senior division of Sony, Satoshi Yoshihara, said, “Cameras transformed phones and derived from what I have observed, I have the same prospect for 3D…The rate will differ by field, but we are certainly going to observe the adoption of 3D.”

Thus, even we can expect a boost in the market for 3D cameras in the coming period.