Increasing Requirement For Root-Cause Failure Analysis To Boost The Electron Microscope Market

Posted on: Jul-2018 | By: Pro Market Reasearch | Technology

An electron microscope utilizes fast-tracked electron beam as an illumination source in comparison to a conventional optical microscope. They are used to examine the ultra structure of a wide-ranging inorganic and biological specimens, including cells, microorganisms, biopsy samples, large molecules, crystals, and metals. Industrially, they are frequently used for failure analysis and quality control. Modern electron microscopes create electron micrographs with the use frame grabbers and specialized digital cameras to record the image.

The technological advances semiconductor and nanotechnology industry are the main factors driving the growth of the electron microscope market. At present, the trend in the market for environmental protection, effectiveness & conservation, and improving the overall operational efficacy in industrial productivity has resulted in the increase in focus and development of nanomaterial-based and nanotechnology products.

Increasing requirement for root-cause failure analysis

The technological advances in the embedded systems and worldwide semiconductor market have resulted in the increase in the level of complexity in producing printed circuit boards and ICs. The product failure with regards to strength and other characteristics occurs at the nano or microlevel. Successively, board and chip designers and manufacturers are making high-density products that promote high-end applications.

Increase in requirement for dual-beam electron microscopes

Focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) have better features in comparison to the standard SEMs. They utilize the Schottky field emissions that generate high-resolution pictures at low voltage. Focused ion beam SEMs create less distorted pictures with better field depth and higher resolution in comparison to conventional SEMs.The dual-beam electron microscopes were established with the use these principles as an enhanced form of SEM. The dual-beam electron microscopes technology uses 2 distinct beams of charged particles, namely the electron beam and ion beam. The electron beam is identical to the one utilized in conventional SEMs.

Growth in implementation of nanotechnology across sectors

Nanotechnology is referred to the study of particles that range in size from 1 to 100Nm. It is possible to see massive development as nanotechnology has increased novel research uses and materials that have helped numerous research areas. Technological improvements in the healthcare industry have paved the way for augmented request for sophistication.