Growing Fad Of Stylish Beard Driving The Growth Of Male Grooming Market

Posted on: Nov-2018 | By: Pro Market Reasearch | Entertainment

One more segment can be added to the grooming market, which was previously dominated by ladies’ products. Men's grooming products are now dedicatedly used by the men. As staying up to the mark is one of the necessities of the society. One of the specific grooming products for beard care will very soon touch the valuation of Rs 100 Crore market.

With growing number of dedicated products that are used to groom men beard and keep it healthy. The market for these products is drastically emerging. One of the prime reasons motivating the growth of the beard care market is the sports players and film stars initiating a fashion trend of beard and its style and endorsing in diverse men grooming products. This momentum has been recently initiated and has gained an appreciable accomplishment.

\This fad can be temporary but it has penetrated deeply into smaller towns with effective results. Key players heavily investing in social media marketing and engaging customers with a catchy and appealing advertisement.

Ashutosh Valani, Founder of Beardo, while talking about the performance of the market said, “At present, it is far away from the peak as it has huge potential ahead. In the coming five years, beard won’t be limited to the fashion statement but will be seen as a lifestyle.

The beard care market has grown from scratch (no market) to Rs 100 Crore in a span of 2–3 Years. The sector hardly has many tycoons to compete, and whoever already exist have their own unique products based which they are functioning.

The segment beard care has a significant role and contribution in male grooming industry; hence, it is ultimately driving the growth of the personal care market. At present, these products are majorly utilized by the higher income earning population, but if it is adopted by the middle-class slab consumer the market for male grooming is expected to reach the mark of Rs 5000 Crore, depending on the fact that male grooming has spurred by 42% in the preceding 5 years span.

Majority of the market players are presently introducing products with diverse fragrance, moisturizers, and nourishments ingredients.